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Welcome to the Edutech Expo - the International Exhibition for Technologies and Supplies for Education, Professional Training, IT, and Lifestyle Exhibition
The 4 days main event in conjuntion with 28th Indonesia International Education & Training Expo (the longest running exhibition on education, training, and technology in Indonesia) will be an interactive platform for exhibitors to promote their latest update technology in this emerging market. The event will bring more than over 300 local and international prominent accredited universities, colleges and institutes offering extensive courses. It will be an opportunity to directly network face-to-face with Government Officials, Professionals, HR Managers, Corporates, potential students, and many more making it a significant convergence point

Leading Seminars, Workshops,
Technical & Product Presentations

Over + 30.000
student, teacher, and professional visitors

More than
200 exhibitors

Exhibition Scale for 2019 Edition

10.000 sqm

Exhibition Area

200 includins concurrent event

Number of Exhibitior

30.000 includins concurrent event

Number of Visitors

in-Conjunction with:


the longest running exhibition on education, training, and technology in Indonesia

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Indonesia International Exhibition on Office & School Stationery, Workspace Technology, Design, and Solution

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International Exhibition for Technologies and Supplies for Education and Professional Training

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Digitalisasi Perguruan Tinggi: Inovasi di Era 4.0

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Exhibit Profile

Teaching, Training and Learning Solutions
  • Learning Management Systems

  • Interactive Technologies

  • Whiteboards and Displays

  • Learning and collaboration systems

  • Games and learning

  • Digital content

  • M-Learning

  • CAD / CAM tools

  • Audio Visual equipment

  • Educational Toys

  • Learning Analytics

  • Student Assessment and testing

  • Music Apps

ICT Solutions and Infrastructure
  • Cloud solutions

  • Virtualisation

  • Big Data & Analytics

  • Hardware

  • Network Security

  • e-Safety and privacy

  • Integration and Consulting

  • Network Infrastructure

  • Network Management Tools

  • Wireless / WiFi

  • eLearning and virtual learning environments

  • Online content & resources

  • Internet based learning solutions

  • Video Conferencing / Tele-Presence

App Development
  • Gamification

  • Learning Apps

  • Mobile Apps

Management, Finance and Administration Tools
  • Accounting Solutions & Services

  • Banking and payment solutions

  • eCommerce

  • Cashless Payments

  • Student Management Systems

  • Ordering Systems

  • Printing solutions

  • Payroll

  • Permissions & excursions

  • Asset tracking, audit and compliance

  • HR Solutions

  • Student and Parent communication solutions

  • Financial services

  • Superannuation

  • Web Hosting

  • Occupational health and safety

Printers & Peripherals
  • Printers - Scanners

  • Photocopiers

Library Management Solutions
  • Access control and management

  • Smart Cards

  • Digital Curriculum Resources

  • Content Management Solutions

  • Collaboration Tools

  • RFID Solutions

  • Self Service Terminals

  • Security Solutions

  • Cloud Based Library Solutions

Facilities and Buildings
  • Facilities Management Services

  • Food & Catering

  • Architecture & Building

  • Pre-fabricated / portable classrooms

  • Aircon

  • Cleaning

  • Gardening Services

Wellness, Wellbeing, Mental Health
  • Counselling & Positive Psychology

  • Mental Health

  • Motivation

  • Fitness, exercise, physical activities

  • Nutrition

  • Educational

  • Activities

  • International/ Local

  • Indoor/ Outdoor

Emerging Tech
  • 3D Printing

  • Robotics

  • Simulation

  • Modelling

  • Augmented Reality

Computer Support
  • Repairs

  • Installation

  • Support for PC's, Laptops, Servers,

  • WiFi, VOIP Phone

Media and Content
  • Books, magazines and eBooks

  • Recording equipment

  • Boardcasting solutions

  • Publishing

  • Content creation

  • Content Management Solutions

Student Marketing, Acquisition and Retention
  • Marketing and advertising services

  • International student acquisition

  • Web design

Furniture, Equipment , Storage
  • Desk, Chairs, Flooring

  • Shade

  • Play Equipment

  • Sports Equipment

  • Music equipment

  • Staging

CCTV, Security, Access Control & Warning Systems
  • CCTV cameras

  • Audio Visual Equipment

  • Bells, alarms, warning systems

  • Staging

  • PA / microphones

Web Design
  • Content Management Systems

  • Web design

latest News

Edutech Expo 2019, Ajang Mempererat Dunia Pendidikan Dan Teknologi

Kini teknologi sudah menjadi kebutuhan yang tak terhindarkan dalam kehidupan kita sehari-hari. Di perkantoran, rumah tangga, kalangan eksekutif, masyarakat biasa bahkan kaum ibu sudah akrab dengan teknologi ini. Terlebih di zaman revolusi industri 4.0 saat ini, teknologi sudah menyatu

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Tantangan Dunia Pendidikan pada Era Industri 4.0

Dunia Pendidikan saat ini dihadapkan pada era perubahan besar yakni revolusi industri 4.0. Sayangnya, masih sedikit dunia pendidikan yang menyiapkan model pendidikan era ini. Padahal, revolusi industri 4.0 menuntut konsekuansi logis perubahan di semua sektor dunia kerja.

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Pendidikan Berbasis TI Sambut Revolusi Industri 4.0

Revolusi Industri 4,0 teknologi informasi telah menjadi basis dalam kehidupan manusia. Segala hal menjadi tanpa batas (borderless) dengan penggunaan daya komputasi dan data yang tidak terbatas (unlimited), karena dipengaruhi oleh perkembangan internet dan teknologi digital

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Stand Package Option

Standard Booth (3mx3m)

The basic fittings include:
- Fascia board with institution's E/C names
- Partition frame system, white plywood panel walls
- Booth fully carpeting
- 1 information counter/table
- 2 folding chairs
- 2 lights
- 220V/2 Amp single-phase socket
- 1 waste basket

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Bare Space (3mx6m)

Space Only is available with minimum size of 18 sqm. Exhibitors will design and build their own booths at their cost with the assistance of our official booth contractor

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